The most powerful technology to build muscle and burn fat.

Let Wonder´s radical new technology make you a market leader.

The new aesthetic equipment that transforms your aesthetic business: target new customer segments, increase patients satisfaction and extend existing services.

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The new aesthetic equipment that transforms your aesthetic business: target new customer segments, increase patients satisfaction and extend existing services.

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How our technology works?

Wonder is first and only beauty equipment that simultaneously combines Focused Electromagnetic energy with High-Intensity Selective Neurostimulation. Wonder makes muscles growth while burning fat in abdomen, buttocks, arms and legs simultaneously.

Wonder Double Impact

It is the only technology capable of contracting MUSCLES up to 36,000 times with a frequency of up to 200Hz and at a record depth of 16 cms acting at the same time on legs, arms, abdomen and buttocks.

With two 25-minute sessions a week, it’s enough to get a muscular and defined body in a short time. These minutes lead to the same muscle depletion, metabolic disorders, and calory intake like a few hours of training in the gym.

Achieving more, in a shorter time.


Benefits of Electromagnetic Muscle stimulation for your patients:

Several clinical studies show that muscle mass after 4 Wonder sessions increases an average of 16%. The tissue is strengthened especially in untrained people.

The regeneration of muscle fibers causes an improvement in their quality and quantity. The gradual increase of both superficial and deep muscles, without risk of injury and high intensity increases muscle power.

Wonder’s functional magnetic stimulation produces maximum exhaustion and increases the resistance of the muscles involved. Improves cardiovascular efficiency and recovery rate.

Radical muscular effort triggers caloric expenditure and the body rearranges its energy priorities.

The use of Wonder has proven to be very effective in the treatment of the pelvic floor, weakening of the musculature and tissue loss processes. Relieves tension in muscles, as well as contracture and nodules.

Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulation causes the dilation of the blood vessels, increasing the blood supply and facilitating the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the muscle fibers. Wonder stretches the skin and improves its appearance.

In cases of mild or moderate scoliosis, the process of abnormal curvature of the spine has been stopped or slowed down by stimulating the back muscles.

The treatment with Wonder helps to reduce notably the weight and especially the body fat while there is an increase in the muscles of the body. Reduces the diameter of the waist, hips and thighs. The volume in the waist decreases, accompanied by an increase and stability of the gluteal muscles.

Without risks or complications. The powerful functional Magnetic Stimulation treatment with Wonder produces only muscle pain the days after treatment and requires no recovery time.

Since 2019, Wonder® has already been present in prestigious clinics in

26 countries

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Experience the REVOLUTIONARY new way of shaping up. Wonder is just like a workout, that causes fibers to break down and rebuild bigger and stronger, after a few sessions critically increases the size of gluteal, abdominal and leg and arms muscles.

Successful business model. Wonder aesthetic appliances allow you to work quickly, safely and confidently. The result is faster, more personalized and more effective.

Wonder Research

Prestigious professionals endorse Wonder treatment.

Amparo Cruz Oñoz MD
First Degree Specialist in General Medicine. Second Degree Physiology Specialist. Lucero Clinic, Madrid.

Physiological Approach to Muscle and Toning Therapy with Wonder® MT Device.
“Analysis of the research results shows that Wonder MT technology can lead to very significant aesthetic improvement. The result was visible to the naked eye after the second session and is quite satisfactory, according to the patients' expectations. The treatment was safe and comfortable for the patients who found it extremely enjoyable and exciting. All expressed their intention to continue treatment. The most notable effects were a decrease in abdominal fat mass, restoration of leg muscles, a buttock lift and, in the case of women, a skin tightening (e.g. greater firmness).Based on our experience with Wonder MT, we believe it is a highly effective and safe option for important aesthetic results while accelerating fat loss and overall muscle regeneration.”
Omar Antonio Gonzalez Escobar
Bachelor of physiotherapy and integral rehabilitation.

General information on the application of technology Wonder® Strengthening Muscle Therapy.
“An important effect of electromagnetic radiation treatment with Wonder HIEMS is its ability to trophic stimulation of bones and collagen. This is an effect associated with the local production of currents of lower intensity, an increase in the production of collagen, which is very important both for healing processes and to prevent aging of the skin as well as to increase calcium in the bones.”
Obdulia Ramírez Milan M.D.
First Degree Medical Specialist in Comprehensive General Medicine. Second Degree Specialist in Clinical Embryology and Consulting Professor.

Muscle Mass Increase And Fat Loss Therapy With Wonder Technology: Electromagnetic and Electrostimulation Combined Emissions.
“The analysis showed that all participants responded positively and had a significant aesthetic change. No other structural changes were observed in the tissues. All subjects had a very significant increase in muscle mass.”

Benefits for your business

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Numerous clinical studies support the effectiveness of the Wonder MT system.

Our trainers not only teach you how to use the device, but also monitor and motivate your patients.

Wonder is a clean and sophisticated design will make your clinic innovative and high-tech. Our aesthetic concept will help you create an attractive environment for your clients


We are proud to offer our partners an exceptional, unique and comprehensive service network worldwide.

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